Reporting Guidance

Advisory Group meets to discuss the eMERGe (Developing meta-ethnography reporting guidelines and standards for research) project.

On 27th January 2016, the Project Advisory Group (PAG) met in Edinburgh to discuss the first results in the eMERGe Project around the review of the existing recommendations & guidance for conducting & reporting each process in a meta-ethnography. The meeting was chaired by Dr S. Blair, now retired Director of the Professional Doctorate Framework at GCU. It was a lively and constructive meeting, which helped shape the project. The PAG is made of academic experts in meta-eta-ethnography, professional users of meta-ethnography and of lay participants. Their participation is key to the project and will help design a reporting guideline for meta-ethnographies to increase the likelihood that their findings are used to improve health care services, decisions, and patient care in the future.